Opened in 1997 the Community Center and Library became the center of the cultural life in the past few years. The Community Center also accommodates a library and since 2002 a new computer room too. Since 2010 Alsózsolca’s Cultural Collection and its Sports Hall also became part of the institution.

Well equipped and imposing the Community Center is situated in the center of Alsózsolca under the address 1. Görgey Street.

The Community Center’s traditional celebrations include:
• National Holidays: 15th of March, 20th of August, 23rd of October.
• National Day of Hungarian Culture in January.
• In spring we host a musical talent show called “A zene az kell!” where everyone with a good voice can participate.
• In March we celebrate the International Women’s Day with our special program called Női Szeszély.
• In April we celebrate Hungarian literature with verse telling and quiz programs.
• Every May we stage the annual “Én táncolnék veled…” dance meeting. We also host a Folk dance meeting with the neighboring towns.
• During summer we host many activities and camps for school children.
• September is the month for the annual Folk Song Meeting where neighboring towns meet for a friendly competition.
• Grape Picking Parade which takes place during the autumn months.
• In October we celebrate the International Day of Older Persons and the Library Week.
• In December we host the Advent Concert and candle lighting at the local church.
• We end the year with a huge New Year party.

Above these events we host different kinds of exhibitions, writer-reader meetings, child and adult events and fairs too. The Community Center and Library also gives space for local gatherings and events too.

The Community Center is open on weekdays 730-1800

The library is open :
Monday 1000-1800
Tuesday 1200-1900
Wednesday 1000-1900
Thursday 1200-1800
Friday 1030-1700